Paolo Pelucchi

Paolo Pelucchi

I was born in Milan in 1960 and during my education career I awarded an academic degree in Economics and Humanistic studies.

I worked as a business man from 1982 to 2012, as Managing Director of my family company (Pelucchi Srl, specialized in the manufacturing of outdoor architectural lighting luminaires) and I've been always taking care of both Quality and Innovation Technologies processes.

In 1997, along with the achievement of ISO9001 certification, in quality of Business Coach I implemented a program which aim was the participants' continuous involvement, motivation and individual growing.

I've been living in Ticino since 2013, I really love the place where I live and I'm grateful towards the natural beauties it offers to me.

As independent, the greater part of my activity concerns lighting technical consultancy and design, with particular attention to Architects, Electrical Designers and Interior Designers studios. Furthermore, on behalf of some customers, I take care of looking for new markets in the Middle East, North Africa and Far East.

Cristina Colombo

Cristina Colombo

I was born in Minusio in 1978, I studied at the Architectural Academy in Mendrisio.

After the Degree, I've gained first profitable work experiences in some architects' studios in Ticino.

During this period I had the possibility to explore the lighting and design world. Paolo's knowledge involved me in the discovery of a new world, and as a consequence, I take on a new challenge - the use of LIGHT - that immediately seduced me.

In cooperation with Paolo, during the last ten years, I've been developing several projects, like the Maxxi National Museum of XXI century arts in Rome, and various enhancement classes.

The Light world has prevailed my professional life, so that, today more than before, I have a passion in developing the lighting projects for architects friends and colleagues.