Paolo Pelucchi

Paolo Pelucchi


My name is Paolo Pelucchi, I was born in Milan but raised with my family in Brianza, I've been living and working in Canton Ticino for over ten years. I have a university education in economics / business.

My family has been active in the world of lighting since 1961.

I was born in Milan in 1960 and during my education career I awarded an academic degree in Economics and Humanistic studies.

Until 2012, I held the role of Chief Executive Officer of Pelucchi Srl, specialized in the manufacture of lighting fixtures for outdoor architectural use, I have always dealt with the processes relating to both the quality system (ISO 9001 Certification obtained in 1997) and the technological innovation.

My team and I are experts in creating and implementing ideas.

We are able to supply custom-made lighting fixtures, starting from the idea of the interior designer or architect.

Lighting design and consultancy are the activities that we offer to opinion leaders in our sector.

Quality is our being.